Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger blunders

Well I still seem to be missing one post and a lot of comments. Also my new "look" seems to be gone. Not sure what is going on with blogger but hopefully this post will be visible. I'll give them another day before I change things. Hopefully everything comes back up. My song has even changed. Whatever...... they say it will all be restored so I have faith.
Today I rode my Vinnie around town(my scooter) and I gotta say....."I've really missed it!" it's so much fun. I know the helmet is there for my protection but I really wish I didn't have to wear it! I wish I could whip around town with just my scarf blowing in the breeze! Oh well!

We've had a really long winter. Spring has definitely taken its time.These last few days have been great but I do have one complaint. I promised myself I would try not to complain about the things I have no control over but..........the mosquitoes are out ALREADY!!!!!! It's so unfair. My oldest son firmly believes that we as a society have the power to get rid of them altogether. And if not now, then for sure by the time he graduates! I'm not sure I share this same philosophy but it sure sounds nice right about now!!!!

I hope you all have a good weekend. I don't have any big plans so I won't rule out a post for the weekend.
~later friends!


  1. hey!! I have a scooter too!! We need to cruise together some nice sunny afternoon!!!

  2. WHAT?????? I had no idea you had a scooter! Let's RIIIIIIIDE!

  3. Your vinnie is another reason to smile every time I see you!


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