Friday, May 13, 2011

late night thoughts

It's late. I should go to bed. I just finished watching a movie.It got me to thinking of the people in my life.
Friends who are long gone out of my life.Friends who betrayed me, friends I betrayed, friends who were never really my friends(I suppose they are just people now) Friends who lied, friends who loved me and I didn't love back, friends whom I loved; and they didn't love me back.Friends I got to know just a little too late. Friends I stayed with just a little too long, friends who got me through something, friends who needed help getting through.Friends I learned from, admired, and aspired to be. Friends who wanted more than I could give, friends who took more than I had. Friends who made me laugh, friends that made me cry, friends that showed me the way, and friends who led me astray. Friends who had my back, and those who stabbed it. I wonder where they all are. The ones from the past. I wonder about the ones in my life today. How long will they be here. What are they here to teach me. What do they need from me? I really don't believe in chance. There is a reason for everything. I guess it's a good thing I usually write during the day! LOL clearly I ramble at night. Oh well. Just getting my thoughts out. 


  1. Earlier today, me and Paula were chatting about this. We never really get the impact of true, deep friendships. The sort that are like brilliant Diamonds mined from deep within souls. Sometimes I wonder why Jesus lets us find some Diamonds often too late along the journey, or at least too late by MY thinking.
    Friends are like Diamonds! We must polish them, cherish them and show them off.
    Thank you for being a Diamond...I wish we found you earlier along the path.

  2. Thanks lance! the feelings are mutual and i am equally puzzled! there IS a reason I'm sure. I just don't know what it is.

  3. i think these thoughts alllllllll the time. have i been jipped in the friends department or were the crummy ones there to teach me how to be a better friend? i can't decide.


  4. I am sorry....but all I can really ponder is WHICH MOVIE??? lol
    JK! but seriously....which movie? you gotta tell me!! it's killin' me!!
    Thanks for being my friend:)

  5. Blue valentine was the movie! LOL

  6. Ooooooh! thanks!!! I wanna see it but I don't wanna too....

  7. Great post. Really got me thinking about - well - friends. Mostly I wish I were a better friend than I am.

    Thanks so much for your comment, by the way.


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