Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother nature can be a bitch

So I haven't forgotten that my job is to blog every day! I was busy today going through all my things, purging what I don't need so I can donate it to the residents of Slave Lake. In case you haven't heard, a massive wild fire ripped through Slave Lake yesterday. 95% of its residents were evacuated. Many major facilities such as the town hall, library, local high school,and the local mall have been burned to the ground. Not to mention the thousands of homes. No one was hurt and no one died. We can all be thankful for that. But many of these residents will be returning to nothing. Some have lost their homes AS WELL as their livelihood. The devastation is mind boggling. I can't imagine what they must be going through. So much uncertainty! We all say that things are just things and can be replaced, but for some, that won't be an option. Insurance will not be the same for everyone and what will they do in the meantime? With no money coming in, it will tough on those who live paycheck to paycheck. It's not all as cut and dry as it can seem on paper. For that reason I have decided to part with many things I have been holding onto for years. Why am I holding on to them? I may need them someday!!!! Well today is THAT day. I felt exhilarated today as I raced around going through all my cupboards and drawers. It feels so good to give back. I've planned a trip to Red Deer for Wednesday to drop off my donation as there is no place here in my small town. A few friends have caught wind of this and have also called to ask if they can send along their stuff too. Such a great feeling to know people care. We may not know those people but we know they are people in need and that's all that matters right now. Every little bit matters so if you are able.....please donate to your local Red Cross. Facebook has been wonderful for getting the message around to where donations can be dropped off as well as where people are staying and what has opened up. People who are close to the area have been opening up their homes to allow people to stay with them and using fb as a way of communicating. I love that. we may trash talk all this social media sometimes but look how it's helping when a tragic situation arises!I'm proud of my province and the way everyone has stepped up. It's how we roll! :) I'm just sayin'! 

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  1. Awesome post Erin!!! It truly felt amazing being able to do this! If anyone is overwhelmed, just focus on a family...I thought of what MY family would need in th is situation and it made shopping for toiletries FUN....don't forget shampoo, deodorant, q-tips, razors, sunscreen, mosquito spray, lotion etc multipacks of socks and undies, etc...I know it won't all just magically be handed over to the Cullum doppelganger family, I am sure they will split things up, but it was a great way to focus me on the needs of these people! I am hearing juice boxes, flats of water, totes and backpacks too! (2nd hand clothes, towels, blankets,go through those closets and ya, they all will need kitchen items....I just can't imagine the OVERWHELMING needs, but if we all do our part, we can ease the stress!


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