Monday, May 30, 2011

What's your perception?

We think people change. Quite often they don't.There are a few who are aware and make a conscious decision to change ....and DO! Those people are few and far between.One thing that does change frequently over time, is our perception . There's a poem of sorts that goes around about how we have friends in different phases of our life to fulfill certain things. Different people are there to teach you things, help you through something,bring you out of your shell,show you how not to live, how to love, how to recover, how to grow, how to find. AS we grow older, and hopefully become wiser, our perception of these friends changes. NOT the friends. I've heard before that "people will show you who they are, and when they do, believe them!" I still believe this to be a true statement BUT; (and this is a big but); if you are not ready, or able to see them; you will only see what you want (need) to see at the time.This can be tricky as we are all in different places at different times.

This is a really hard concept for me to ad hear to. I KNOW this to be true but still I struggle. I get confused as to what is MY journey and what is YOUR journey. It's hard to step back and  let others make mistakes. It's hard to yell when you see them headed down a wrong path. I know I was not a good listener when it came to what I wanted to do.No one could tell me different when my mind was made up. I'm still not very good at being told what to do.(which I have mentioned in the past)I've gotten better at listening to my REAL inner self, though. To the universe. To God. This helps now but I'm pretty sure I was completely unaware of it 10 years ago!
 I see people coming into my life and I see people going. I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do now? Do I let them go? Has my perception of them changed? A little. Some just don't seem to be what I need right now. Some seem to have changed . Or rather my perception of them has changed. Either way.....something I need to meditate about! Where do they belong in my life? If at all?

Some people are forever friends. Not always in huge capacities every step of the way but, forever, nonetheless. Some are just passing through. do you know the difference? Or do you even care?

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