Wednesday, June 22, 2011

.......and the beat goes on

The director for the Arts Academy is moving to England for more schooling. We had a meeting tonight to discuss who will replace  take his job when he leaves. It feels as though I just  completed my first musical (outside of school) and already we are discussing what is coming next. I came home to find notes on the board with details of what my son's class will be doing the final days of school. One of them was grade 7 orientation! Yikes! I have a son in junior high!!! My daughter leaves the north part of the school where the K-3 are housed. She's on the other side of the school now with her brothers. I remember when she just started kindergarten and we thought it was so neat that they were all together. The wheels just keep turning. One year into another. I wonder about the world and my place in it ,ad nauseum, but really what does it matter. Tomorrow will always come. Another week gone by, another month, another year. There's comfort in that. We all want to slow it down sometimes and go back for a do-over; but I'm thankful tonight for all the tomorrows. It doesn't matter how sad you are today, or anxious, or afraid, or unsure because......there's always tomorrow. Time stops for no one. Something you can count on.~ whoa! Deeeeeeep! ;)


  1. I am thankful for Your deep thoughts today, all day! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Thank God for tomorrow's and the grace that comes with that.

  3. If all timing and events were on MY schedule...imagine how horrid other people's lives would be. The death, discomfort, mayhem...lost moments to smell flowers, hug and enjoy sunsets.
    No...I'll leave "timing" up to our Creator...that should do nicely!


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