Thursday, June 9, 2011

hellooooooooooooooo is anyone out there???????????????

I thought of skipping tonight. These last few days have been a real struggle for me.I just don't know what to write about. I mean I have a lot going on. I talked to a lot of people today. Witnessed some beautiful things. I started off the day helping decorate for a friend's wedding.
 I bought some flowers to plant on Sunday.Shared a few words and a few pics with my peeps on fb, twitter and Path. Listened to my children come in and out of the door a thousand times after school.Had a chat with a  friend having marital woes. Had supper with my family Helped my boy get dressed in his finest band clothes.

Rode my bike to the school for the last band concert of the school year.Listened to some beautiful music from the band as well as singing from two beautiful friends. Watched SYTYCD with the whole

And now everyone is in bed except me. I'm heading there right away but I needed to push myself to write. OBVIOUSLY(no comments!!) for me! ;) Well.....I still have a job. Post every day whether it sucks or not! LOL  No school tomorrow so we will all be sleeping in. Except my husband of course, who has to work. :( That's it! That's the big exciting post I have for you today! yippee frickin do dah day!  I will really try to see if I can create some excitement for tomorrow so I have something to blog about! Anyone have a topic they think I should discuss? Just puttin' it out there! ~nite


  1. Hi there - just a few things. First, don't worry about comments. Write/post about what makes you happy. I don't get many either, and although I love when I do, I try not to worry about when I don't. Second, I usually just read you in my reader and often don't click over to the site....I wanted to confess-it's because of the music. Some people may like it, but in general I think it's a turnoff to getting more visitors. Just my humble opinion of course - if you love it then keep it, because this blog is for you! If you feel like this is a job, then why do it? Whenever I get to that point, I always stop for a bit. A suggestion someone gave me along the way....when you struggle with what to write, make a list. Of whatever - things that made you happy today, places you want to visit, your top ten songs of all time...Lists can make fun posts. Okay, that is all for now. :-)

  2. Occasionally my well runs dry - I had one of those days on Wednesday and I find those are the times that bring out my goofy side. Post a silly pic or poster - whatever makes you happy. I like Mary's suggestion of a list - maybe a '10 things I love' one for example. I know what you mean about comments - I crave them lol! I started blogging last October and I am only now getting regular comments in the past 2 months. Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Thanks for the comments mary and jane!!! I got two twwets this morning assuring me that people are actually "out there". funny thing is that they mentioned the music specifically and how much they enjoyed it. I guess to each their own. If you don't like it you can always turn off the volume. However, if you enjoy it and it's not there, you can't turn it up. I like the idea of a list too. I have a listography (book) beside my bed that I got for my birthday! I LOVE lists. I understand about the comments too. Their nice to have but I really don't RELY on them. It's nice to just get things out. I should practice what I preach and start leaving comments on your blogs too! ;) As far as this being a job; that's self imposed and I like it. As a Stay at home mom it gives me something to look forward to, strive for. Something I am responsible for that is just MINE. It's not a job in a bad way! :) thanks again for your caring thoughts and taking the time to say them to me!! :)

  4. What was that, that you said to me? You post for yourself...something along the lines of comments don't matter....Well, I know how you feel. Keep trucking! We're reading.


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