Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a little whine ;)

Ok Ok I don't need the comments. I will practice what I preach! yadda yadda! I had a weak moment. LOL On to new things. This post comes as a suggestion from a few people. A list. I thought about this all day. What kind of list? What subject? Desires, accomplishments, failures, etc, etc. I couldn't come up with just one so I thought I would do a compilation . I would be interested in seeing yours, too! Here we go...........
0. How many times I will complain about not having any comments. LOL
1  How many times I have bungee jumped
2. How many plays I have been in (Cinderella and Guys and Dolls)
3. How many children I have.How many brothers I have (also my favorite number)
4. How many children I wanted before becoming pregnant with my 3rd
5  How many chairs sit around my table
6.How many CLOSE friends I currently have
7.How many times I have stayed at a tropical resort
8.My shoe size (sometimes 8 1/2)
9.How many months between engagement and marriage
10.How many letters are in my name. (Erin Luijkx)

That was fun; AND a little difficult! lol


  1. 3 is also my favorite number! i am also partial to 7 : ) good to see you @ the IGA tonight!

  2. Fun! Let's see..
    0. Times I have left North America
    1. Daughter
    2. Rings I wear every day
    3. Sons
    4. Items I want to cross off a bucket list this year.
    5. Books I am currently trying to read.
    6. Family altogether around the dinner table.
    7. A favorite number.
    8. Towns/cities I have called home over the years.
    9. Favorite foods that I am trying to avoid.
    10. Blog posts that are waiting to be published.

  3. Good to see you too Ranae! It's so nice to see people in person after talking to them through a screen for so long! lol Thanks for doing your top 10 Alicia! I knew YOU would comply1 ;) Love ya!

  4. 0-The amount of Horror flicks I have seen
    1-Sister whom I adore
    2-Bigger moments of regret
    3-Rooms I need to re-decorate
    4- months I struggle through every year
    5- Pregnancies
    6- The amount of Ipods that have gone through the wash due to my hubby. Grrrr.
    7- ALso my fav number. It's inspired. Moms groups always work better when the total number of ladies equal 7.
    8-My jean size
    9-Michael Jackson songs I happen to love
    10- how many years my hubby and I will have been married at the end of this next year.

    Fun. Thanks for saving me from boredom:) Figured I wouldn't let Alicia be alone:)

  5. thanks for that. we should do lists more often!


I truly appreciate your comments and look forward to reading them!