Monday, June 13, 2011

tired of the pressure

Simple days are gone. I'm tired of being an adult. Not that a teenager or a kid was much easier; but it was easier to turn IT off. I don't want to think about my weight anymore. I don't want to think how I can enrich my children's lives with lessons and culture and respect. I don't want to think about who is my friend and who is here to teach me a lesson. I don't want to figure out why some are such a pain in my ass and why those who aren't are taken away. I just want to BE! My brain hurts.I'm feeling overwhelmed like there's a clock ticking and I only have so long to figure out my life, the world!!!It's exhausting. It's everywhere and I can't seem to escape it. We are all searching for the MEANING of life. How we can make it better, to live to our fullest potential, justify our actions,explain our faults, describe our dreams....................on and on and on. I'm disillusioned with the whole human experience at the moment.Where is the off button???? I need an escape.

well I found my escape for a little while today! I worked in the yard planting new flowers for the summer. I thought of nothing else but the task at hand. It was wonderful! Of course it started to get cold and rainy before I could finish but.....c'est la vie! I have many things to do inside as well. Hopefully tomorrow allows me a window of opportunity to finish! For now I need to start packing up my closet. I'm getting a NEW one you see!SOOO excited about that. NOT so excited about living in construction for a while though.

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  1. I also find working in the garden very therapeutic :) I look forward to seeing pics of your new closet when it's completed.


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