Friday, September 9, 2011

feeling reckless

I was a rotten teenager. I snuck out of my room at night to go see boys. I drank. I lied. I stole from my mom's purse. I went to parties with older kids. I skipped school......~ But I stopped. I grew up a little and stopped all the shenanigans. Yes, I just used that word. Today I'm feeling like it was short lived. I feel like doing it all over again. This time with more control. More direction. More purpose.....AND more money. I guess this is what they call a mid life crisis, but I don't feel like I'm in crisis. It feels exhilarating, fun, exciting and dangerous. I'm not hurting anyone. I have no intention of doing that. So where is the harm? Is this something that should be avoided. Am I not being responsible? Will I look back and think "what was I thinking???"? Or will I look back and think "I should have.....!" The second sentence scares me more. I don't want to live a life of regret. I want to try new things, be someone different,explore, discover, challenge,seek,experience, grow, rejoice. Some days that's hard and some days it's just so easy. Life is short people! It really is. Are you doing what your heart desires? Are you really living your life? Or are you waiting for someone or something to make it complete. You CAN do that on your own you know!? I'm trying. I'm really trying! It's not always easy and sometimes I'm sure I'm making a mistake. But they are MY mistakes to make and I'm loving that too! Tomorrow is another day! Don't blink or you just might miss what I'll do next! ;)


  1. Well okay, but I don't think Brad would appreciate you sneaking out to see boys....unless it is him of course.

  2. Krista!!! lol I'm not stealing from my moms purse either!!! ;)


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