Monday, September 12, 2011

I did it!

I thought long and hard about this. I've had every debate in my head about the pros and cons. I still came to the conclusion that this is something that I really wanted. I needed to do this.At the beginning of the week I started thinking I would do it on Saturday. As each day passed, I got more and more excited. finally Friday night I told my family my plans. I mostly had their support. Maybe one (olivia) who had a little bit of reservations about the whole thing. Saturday morning came and as I lay in my bed; I thought "am I doing this today?" A resounding "YES" echoed in my head. I showered and was on the road before the adrenaline stopped pumping. My vehicle was being used by someone else so I drove my hubby's BMW. I had on a white blouse(white makes me feel powerful), and my sparkly shoes. I felt really good.The first place I went to was booked solid for the day. As I left I wondered if this was really the day for me. Maybe it was a sign. I'm all about the signs. I found another place (as they are abundant in this area) and their door said their hours were 12ish and their phone message said 11ish.Things were not looking good. I know most places took walk-ins on Saturday, but it was a first come first serve basis. It was getting later and I still had no place picked. I didn't want to be all day, so if the only appointments left had me waiting hours before I even got in; I would have to decline. I phone another place and asked where they were located. There was major construction in front of their place and as such, had no traffic. (on foot or otherwise). In I went and was next on the list.This was really happening today! I was going to get a TATTOO!!!! I knew what I wanted, so it was just a matter of making "Ryan" understand, where , how big, which angle! LOL (that's sounds a little...ummm...strange )Anyway.....once that was figured out, Ryan got to work on prepping. I went to the back and before I could even get settled on the table, I had 7 little dots completed on my left forearm."Ok that one's done" says Ryan. "Let's get started on the other arm!" REALLY? You're done? That was so quick and easy! I guess I was expecting more pain, more hoopla, more complications??? So I flipped over to the other side. This one took a little longer. I told Ryan that the first thought that came to mind was..."that you are my brother, and you're really starting to bug me and you need to stop that!" He thought that was funny and (of course) didn't stop! LOL The whole thing took no more than 10-15 minutes. There was no pain to speak of. I have experienced much more discomfort stubbing my toe, getting a paper cut and getting waxed!!!!! This was a good thing, another way, bad. Now that I know it doesn't hurt, (in that area anyway) it opens the door for more tattoos. They say they are addicting. Although I have no plans for any more of them; I have learned that NEVER is not something I should say! ;) So without further are my new tattoos.

the D  will fade even more to a light gray

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