Tuesday, October 25, 2011

information overload

Funny the things that show up, just when you need them most! Almost as soon as I turned on my computer this morning, did I find this in my face. Calling to me, not to be ignored. I must admit that I don't read all the blogs that I follow every day! I catch up later. But today this one screamed to me. I listened. Take a look at Your courageous life! It's an awesome blog. Topic: The war within!

I've found lately that ' more' is not always good. I've been bombarded with information and my ever-racing mind has gone into overtime. I have a hard time finding the quiet as it is, and having all this information at my finger tips has put me into a bit of a panic. I'm trying to pull back. Less is more. At least it is for me, right now. I've been avoiding fb, and twitter as much as I can. It's not always easy. I acknowledge that I have an addiction. I've been reading more and I have started a "dream board" of how I would like my life to look. Music has invaded every part of my life and I have the soundtrack of so many memories constantly playing. I've even had to turn that off. I'm on the hunt for new music today. I've downloaded 5 new songs already this morning.

Letting go has been a bigger struggle for me than I thought it would be. Getting a tattoo telling me to do so, each and every day isn't working.(even though I still love my tattoo :)) I'm trying, but my need to control my life and it's outcome is taking over my life. I'm aware of it but I can't seem to keep it under control. Just when I think I'm enjoying the moment, my mind wanders and I'm back into a fantasy of what I believe 'should' be. And so continues the balancing act. So enough of the computer for now. Let's try a little 'balance' with something else. Ciao for now!


  1. Wow... I find it so crazy that so many are going through the same life steps at the same time. This was just what I needed today to further stick to my own heart song. I love you! Thank you for being so dang transparent!

  2. Your life is not something that you have total control of>>>>>life is so much easier if you succumb to the Will of God who created everything>>>>Accept this and Bloom where you are planted!!!


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