Monday, October 24, 2011

my friend Heather

I have a friend....(here we go again). Her name is Heather. She has a special ability to channel different spirits. She can decipher what they are trying to convey. This is a talent she believes we all possess. Some choose to ignore, some don't believe, some work on their abilities to make them stronger. I believe this too. If you don't, that ok. It's not a requirement.

I went to see her yesterday. This was the second time we met. I was so looking forward to seeing her again. I was giddy with excitement. She is bubbly and fun and honest. She holds nothing back and I like that. As we sat down for our little discussion, I felt a great sense of security. It felt comfortable ~ for lack of a better word.

A lot was said. I won't divulge all of it here but I did appreciate the underlying feeling of "free will". My choices are my own and my feelings are there for a reason. They are truly what I should be listening to. That was great to hear from a second party. I know it, but I doubt.

Overall it was a wonderful day. I got a new book, spent time with my children, spent time with one of my best friends and her children.(whom I love) I didn't have to cook all day.It was a good day.

Today starts the processing. Listening to my heart. Thinking about the information presented. Thinking about decisions, life etc. My past-time lately it seems! lol And so on it goes! The sun is shining. The sky is clear. I feel well rested. I'm taking all of this as a wonderful signs. Everything is going to be alright!

 I didn't post this right away. It's now Monday. I've been reading this book since Saturday night and it's absolutely amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it for all!!!! It's changing my life. Just sayin'!

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