Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Practice what you preach ~ ERIN

Last night I started a post. Writing about change and how some people hate it. Avoid it at all costs. Focus their lives on keeping their way of life, just there. I was chastising , up on my high horse. "I welcome change, Love it, want to throw it a party!" What I realized this morning was that I welcome change when I'm getting what I want. There's something that I want (to be near the ocean) and when the thought of that NOT happening, presented itself, or the idea, that I would have to wait longer than anticipated; I was pissy.

It's no wonder I couldn't publish the post I started last night. The words seemed to be stuck. I just couldn't get out what I was trying to say. I know now, that was because it wasn't truth. Life IS change. It can be welcomed or fought. There is nothing wrong with either. In the end, change is always good as it propels you closer to the person you were meant to be. But getting there is not always easy. Sometimes change is scary. Sometimes it's questioned so much, that it's not acted upon until it's too late. It's hard to just dive right it. But that's what I want everyone to do.

I've been saying all along to just 'do it'! Don't be afraid. Things will all work out. I suppose when you have a clear vision of what you want, that becomes easier for you. It's when you're full of doubt that you balk at doing anything. Fear paralyzes you. I'm started to appreciate that now. I still believe with every fiber of my being, in what I want out of life. I still aim to get there. I'm learning patience and understanding. Learning that not everyone is on the same page and can't be forced. That's a hard lesson for me. I'm stubborn. Always have been. It's good that someone can be the encouraging one, but being forceful is not good for anyone. Even if it means getting your own way. There IS a cost.

I'm glad I couldn't finish my post last night. I would have been eating my words today.

So I approach today with with patience, gratitude and acceptance. This is what IS, right now. Enjoy! I hope you can enjoy yours too!


  1. Yay for second thoughts. I think a few of us need to do that more often (actually just me). Sometimes our message gets lost in our passions, so its best to get it out there with our lives rather than our words. Your life is inspirational for people to step out of the comfortable. Keep livin' on the edge!

  2. haha, I am glad I didn't post last night either...:)

  3. It knows...the internet...or God.

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