Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road trip approaches

I'm still planning my road trip. For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, you can read about it here. I've had a few ideas of places I wanted to visit. As I mentioned it the other day to someone, I realized how close it is. I'm really getting excited.

On my list is : Kamloops, White Rock, Lilly Point, Seattle, Butchart Gardens and possibly Lynn Canyon
Of course there will be many points in between and on the way home, but so far these, are a must.

My mind is whirring with ideas of what to bring, what I want to experience, what I want to eat, all the firsts I will accomplish, and how much planning I want to do ahead of time. I mean the whole point is to "wing it", be free, make decisions on the fly.But I certainly don't want to miss any of my MUSTS, because I spent too much time in a one place or another. It's only a week, and I know it will fly by.

The excitement hadn't really hit me, until yesterday.A  friend told me of a place called Lilly Point, and posted a picture, I thought..." I can go there!" I can go wherever I want. Hello! Light bulb!

Of course all this excitement is not overshadowing the nervousness I'm also experiencing. I've never gone anywhere for a week by myself. I don't think I've ever stayed home for a week by myself either. I mean I will see friends along the way, but essentially I'm on my own. Just typing that, excites me. I LOVE firsts. Makes me feel alive. I'm looking forward to talking with people, hearing their stories, seeing new things, trying new food, overcoming a few fears, and generally fending for myself.  I'll have my phone with me, so I'll always be in touch, when I want to, or feel I have to. I'm sure my family will want me to check in, every once in a while. I know my kids will miss me and want to say hello now and again.

You can bet my stereo will be getting a work out on this trip too. Can't have a road trip without tunes. Songs to sing loudly with, songs for just listening, songs for crying to, and of course songs for drumming on the steering wheel. THAT I will plan ahead!

So you see the area I'm headed. Do you have any ideas for me? Places to visit, places to eat, places to sleep? I welcome your suggestions.

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